DATE & LOCATION: April 2010, Water Filter Station, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne
CLIENTS: City of Melbourne
PROJECT LEADERS: Andrew Reynolds
PROJECT TEAM: Andrew Reynolds, Lyle Talbot
FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Reynolds, Lyle Talbot

Project Summary
City of Melbourne is trialling a water filter unit in Bourke Street Mall that allows people to refill their plastic bottles. The City of Manly in Sydney has installed six of these devices since August 2006. They estimate that they have prevented the purchase of 150,000 litres of bottled water over this period and that garbage collection volumes in the areas where the water fountains have been installed have decreased by 30-40%.

As a one-day urban research project, UVM - Sustainable Urban Ecologies was commissioned to record the number of users of the water filter station between 10am to 8pm, on April 8 2010. In addition to this time-series data, we also recorded cross-sectional data - profiling the characterics of each user of the water filter station (gender, type, age).

One-day research project, including recording longitudinal and cross-sectional data of the trial water filter station in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne. Collation and interpretation of raw and summary data into a document for submission to City of Melbourne.

Outcomes to Date
- Field research
- Collation and interpretation of raw and summary data
- Production of summary document