DATE & LOCATION: 26 August, 2010, Station Place, Werribee, VIC
CLIENTS: City of Wyndham, Economic & Cultural Development
PROJECT LEADERS: Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete; Peta Glenn
PROJECT TEAM: Andrew Reynolds; Remen Hambly, Raili Arbus

Project Summary
Urban Village Melbourne has been invited to take part in the City of Wyndham's August Arts program by facilitating a collaborative public activation day with local artists in the Werribee area.

Chronology of Events – Thursday August 26, 2010:

10am-12pm: Peta Glenn & Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete will be conducting a workshop with a local group of artists invited by the City of Wyndham to participate in UVM's public activation day. The workshop will cover a brief outline of UVM's interests, ideals and history, examples of temporary public art collaborations, and allow for group discussion about personal arts practices, the Werribee community, and brainstorming for the public art scene in the City of Wyndham.

1pm-4pm: For 3 hours during the afternoon, a team of 6 Urban Village Melbourne staff will be facilitating a collaborative public activation with local Werribee artists and interested passers-by. Having set up work space beforehand in Station Place, downtown Werribee, UVM and Werribee artists will produce a body of temporary public art works with the purpose of engaging the local public and providing colour and fun to the space during the City of Wyndham's August Arts program.

Wherever possible, scrounged waste materials will be used to produce the works. This is both to reduce the environmental impact of new materials, and to encourage the artists to have an unrestrained and prolific attitude towards public art and community collaboration in the future.

The work spaces will allow for artists to be roaming between each one, located in a laneway and an adjacent grassy knoll, and set up for the following activities:

1) Laneway portable pasteups:
Work crate-tables with materials ready to make pasteups on cardboard pieces, origami, a communal blackboard, painting, drawing, stenciling, potato-stamping...etc

2) Memory field:
A mass collection of plastic bottles, filled with glowsticks and fond memories of Werribee written on strips of paper by passers-by, attached to sticks and planted in the grass/attached to string and tied to surrounding trees.

3) Temporary projection screen:
A projection screen made from milk crates, cable ties, rope and fabric, set up in the grassy knoll.

4-6pm: Social time, dinner, pack-down, beer.

6/6:30pm: Screening of documentation of the day's events on the projection screen in the grassy knoll.