MEMBER NAME: Ammon Beyerle
DATE JOINED: July 2009
CURRENT ROLE: Bulle[n]tin Editor

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Planning + Design [Architecture] (The University of Melbourne), Diploma of Modern Languages [German] (The University of Melbourne), Master of Architecture (The University of Melbourne), commencing PhD in Art and Design [Architecture] (Monash University)

PROJECTS: 001 Urban Parklands Project; 002 Cathedral Place; 003 Warehouse; 004 Website; 007 Bulle[n]tin; 010 Chinatown Laneway Assessment; 016 Holes in the Wall; 017 PECHAKUCHA: Ayiti / Melbourne; 018 Community of Chapter House Lane; 020 UVM Arts; 023 'Wrongtown'; 022 South Melbourne Commons; 024 Zero Carbon Australia 2020; 025 Climate Redesign;

LAST UPDATE: 22 August 2010

Key words
Collaboration, everyday, local, action, mess, informal, participation, community, tactics, urbanity, ecology

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Curriculum Vitae

Folio of works (Under construction)
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- Woodcock, I. Dovey, K., Wollan, S. & Beyerle, A., (2010) ‘Modelling the compact city: Capacities and visions for Melbourne’, Australian Planner, 47 (2), pp. 94–104 (see link)

- Radovic, D., (2008) Another Tokyo: Urban places and practices of resistance, Flick Studio, Tokyo (see link)

- Boontharm, D., (2008) Harajuku: Urban Stage-Set Q&A, ichii shobou & University of Tokyo, Tokyo (see link)

- Dovey, K. and Raharjo, W. (2007) 'Informal Settlements' in Architectural Review Australia (download)

- Urban Design Theory with Kim Dovey (The University of Melbourne)

- Close Overplay: St Paul's Cathedral [Master of Architecture Design Studio] with Tim Derham and Richard Falkinger (The University of Melbourne) (see posterous)

- Mess2: Everyday Babylon [Master of Architecture Design Studio] with Lisa Dew (The University of Melbourne)
- SLUGs: Sustainable (Little) Urban ecoloGies [Environmental Design Studio] with Richard Bruch (The University of Melbourne)
- Urban Design Theory with Kim Dovey (The University of Melbourne)
- Contemporary Theory and the Australian Landscape with Catherin Bull (The University of Melbourne)
- Foundation Studio [1st year Architecture] with Alana Cooke (Monash University)

PhD Proposal (at 11/2009)
(Current supervisors: Karen Burns and Shane Murray +Darko Radovic external)

"The design of participation and sustainability in little urban ecologies"

Architecture and (Sustainable) Little Urban ecologies: The performance, processes and opportunities of local participatory design in sustainable communities, places and cities.

"In small places and local spaces the global issues of sustainability are affected in everyday life. In many ways, the sustainability of little urban ecologies counts for much and has big consequences.
"The fact that our shared, urban environments are both the source of most of the world’s pollution and location of most of the world’s population suggests that good urban environmental design is paramount. But this does not suggest a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Recent attention has focused on architectural situations, technologies and aesthetics, but what of the relationship between the architectures; their settings in specific urban landscapes? Are there other ways of approaching environmental design which are inherent to local functioning systems?
"And so, in little LOCAL places we are asking: what constitutes good environmental urban designs, how do they function, and then, what could they look like?"

_SLUGs, Sustainable Little Urban ecoloGies seminar series for Environmental Design 2008 - 2009, The University of Melbourne (Ammon Beyerle co-taught with Anna Maskiell)

This is a design-based research project into the performance, processes and opportunities for social and environmental sustainability of small sites the Melbourne CBD. This includes a reconsideration of past, community-orientated architectural practice models at home and abroad; a critique of current discourse’s relationship between the image of the city and how places are actually played out on the ground (policy versus the real); and an investigation into the theoretical relationships between local ecologies and city systems. It is proposed that the final outcome will include a design or series of discrete design projects as well as a written dissertation.

The proposed method expects to rely on processes of mapping pragmatic and poetic trying to generate an inventory of hard- and software opportunities and develop spatial and visual material discourse. Connecting with a body of theory undertaken at the Bartlett School of Architecture, practices such as Muf Art and Architecture, and authors of feminist architectural theory, the role of subjective, performative, minoritarian and personal design processes will be explored and developed.

Proposed case studies include Cathedral Place, Melbourne CBD, and Bullens Lane – already begun as The Urban Parklands Project and the work of Urban Village Melbourne Inc.

 Wednesday Nights at ACCA   Placemaking for the masses_29 June 
 Workforce Innovation Conference   Health + Community Dev. 20 May 2011 
 The Right to the City   2011 Apr 9: Failures and Sucesses 
 Monash Research Forum   2010 Nov 12: Participation in Arch. 
 REAL @Deakin   2010 Sept 28: Outside the System 
 Writing Around the Kitchen Table   2010 Jun 7: Critical Spatial Practi 
 Writing Around the Kitchen Table   2010 Jun 7: Critical Spatial Practi 
 Architects for Peace-Words@bld50   2010 June 3: Art and Social Space 
 Process Architecture@Loop   2010 May 3: Guerilla Architecture