MEMBER NAME: Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete
DATE JOINED: Founding member, March 2008
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Fine Arts (San Francisco Art Institute); Master of Visual Culture (Monash University); current PhD candidate (Melbourne University, VCA Centre for Ideas)
PROJECTS: 2010: 026 City of Wyndham August Arts;023 Wrongtown;003 Warehouse; 016 Holes in the Wall; 018 Community of Chapter House Lane;
2009: 002 Cathedral Place; 001 Urban Parklands Project; 004 Website; 006 Gold from (Shit)zroy; 007 Bulle[n]tin; 011 The Interbenchionist;
2008: 000 Stick Brick Crate; 005 Couch Sit;

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