DATE & LOCATION: September 2008, Bullens Lane, Chinatown (Melbourne)
PROJECT LEADERS: Sonya Parton, Richard Bruch
CREATIVE TEAM: Lyle Talbot, Andrew Reynolds, Tom Drake, Leah Bell, Matt Banhidi, Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete, Caroline Tan, Diana Gentu, Lily Hsu, Rob Rob Rob, Jonas Widjaja, Partha, Felix Cameron
FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY: Charlotte King, Tom Drake

Project Description
Stick Brick Crate opened in Bullens Lane during the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2008. We investigated the intersecting notions of consumer waste and public space by inviting an interdisciplinary collection of artists, designers, and members of the public to use recycled materials for the creation and dismantling of objects; to stage live performances; and to investigate changing social dynamics in response to this multiform appropriation.

Stick Brick Crate has since served as foundational research for the Urban Parklands Project.

Stick Brick Crate, short film