DATE & LOCATION: April 2009, rooftop of 30 Collins Street Melbourne
PROJECT LEADERS: Richard Bruch, Danny Griffin
CREATIVE TEAM: Leah Bell, Matt Banhidi

Project Summary
Regrowth explores the role of the designer in stimulating community development through participatory methodologies. Design professionals have an overwhelming responsibility to imagine ESD interventions which engage users with issues of environmental concern, empowering them to shape an uncertain future.

A bare structural form of timber and steel cabling provides the framework for the busy hands of office workers to create their own destiny. With care, this digital architecture object will become a living arbor – over time providing a comfortable microclimate, and a seamless transition from the stern interior of 30 Collins to it’s dramatic and rugged rooftop. Regrowth harnesses thermal energy and rainwater, to drive the continual production of cultivated flora. Planting of dead trees, fire-ravaged in the Victorian bushfires, will provide rare rooftop habitat for birds, insects, and small mammals.

Looking beyond the boundaries of site, Regrowth seeks to colonize nearby rooftops with an almost parasitic bundle of architectural form and vegetation. This sprawling, evolving mass, tumbles down 30 Collins, and towards it’s neighbours.

The occupants of 30 Collins are determinants of Melbourne’s rooftop future – their efforts to cultivate, plant, and maintain vegetation at Regrowth will ultimately decide if, how, and when neighbouring buildings are colonized.