DATE & LOCATION: Chinatown, Melbourne
CLIENT: City of Melbourne, Melbourne Water, EPA, Great Forest Australia
PROJECT LEADERS: Richard Bruch & Ammon Beyerle
PROJECT TEAM: Andres Cevallos, Andrew Reynolds
FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY: Andres Cevallos, Andrew Reynolds

Project Summary
This project supported Great Forest Australia in undertaking a precinct scale assessment of the current waste and water management practices of local traders in Chinatown, Melbourne. As a short, professional research project, it gave us a great opportunity to develop our practical understanding and 'feel' for the unique local, environmental conditions of specific sites within Melbourne's CBD.

Our brief was for on-site observation, data collection, drafting and mappings, of waste and water management practices and situations in the 14 Chinatown laneways, Melbourne CBD. This information was collated and formatted for publication to the City of Melbourne.

Outcomes to Date
- Photo-catalogue of waste and water management issues in each laneway
- Architectural drawings (base plans) for each of the 14 laneways, accurate at 1:200 scale
- A snapshot of waste service provision data, cross-referenced to each trader and their spatially located bins
- Production of a 30 page summary document for publication