TIME, DATE & LOCATION: 19:00-21:00, Saturday 20th February 2010, Location TBC
PARTNERS: Architecture for Humanity, WeLovePT, Klein Dytham Architecture, Architects for Peace, Fitt De Felice, Supermarkart, The AustraHaiti Foundation
SPONSORS: Monash University (Art and Design: Architecture), Visionary Design Development, Auspicious Arts Projects, Penny Rose Boutique
PROJECT LEADERS: Ammon Beyerle, Michelle Emma James
UVM TEAM: Andrew Reynolds, Adeo Esplago, Tom Drake

Post-Event Update

Thanks for attending “here” PECHAKUCHA: Ayiti / Melbourne. Together we raised over $2000AUD for the Architecture for Humanity global fundraiser for Haiti. Globally at least $65,000US has been raised to date!

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PECHAKUCHA: Ayiti / Melbourne
Saturday night, 20th February, 2010
As part of the Architecture for Humanity global fundraiser for Haiti, we have just been asked to organise Pecha Kucha in Melbourne in 10 days time (!)
It’s quick, but we can do it!

The theme we are currently thinking about is “here”.
“here” appreciates the here and now, this place, my street, my neighbour, my home. Real things I can do, you do, to make here especially liveable. (And what a fitting thing to think about as we project ourselves there…)

“here” is interested in the surprising and the simple.

In true Pecha Kucha style we hope to find a collage of creative local people, some draw-cards of course, and other everyday characters you pass in the street … my next door neighbour, the edge artist, your dad.

If you were curator, who would you invite? / and where?..

Ammon + Michelle

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And this from Mark:

Apologies for this long message, but we think this is a chance for you to be a part of something epoch making. Please read on to see how you can be involved!


It only took seconds to destroy so many bright hopes and dreams in Haiti. The 280 city PechaKucha network is joining with Architecture for Humanity to help rebuild Haiti, 20 seconds at a time.

Join us around the the world on 20th February for Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti.

20 seconds, 20 images, 200 cities, 2000 presentations, 200,000 people - with the aim to raise $1,000,000 for rebuilding Haiti.


Watch Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, PechaKucha Founders in Tokyo launch the project jointly with Cameron Sinclair, Founder of Architecture for Humanity who was in Davos at the World Economic Forum:
http://www.pecha-kucha.org/presentations/50 (always go full screen)


On Saturday 20 February PechaKucha events will be held all around the world. All the PechaKucha Night cities will be connected by a 24-hour PechaKucha presentation WAVE that will gradually move westward city by city, circumnavigating the globe. The wave will be dropping in on each city for around 10 minutes for a video link up and a live presentation. This presentation wave will be streamed over the internet on a 24-hour WAVEcast, which we think will be a world first.


The PechaKucha Presentation WAVE will start simultaneously in SuperDeluxe in Tokyo where PechaKucha Night was first conceived, and in our most easterly city in New Zealand. It will then move west crossing all times zones and cultures. The PechaKucha WAVE will finally come ashore in San Francisco, where Architecture for Humanity (AFH) is headquartered. AFH's founder, Cameron Sinclair, will be there with the rest of San Francisco to give presentations and celebrate the successful circumnavigation of the world. That will be about 1pm Sunday Japan time. We plan to a have a big event in Tokyo, linking to San Francisco by video so we can all focus our thoughts on Haiti.


As well as raising awareness about the situation in Haiti, Global PechaKucha Day aims to raise money for reconstruction in Haiti. How do we plan to do this? At most event locations there will be a suggested donation at the door, but this is completely discretionary. We estimate that PechaKucha for Haiti will generate more than 2000 presentations - either on the 20th or at PechaKucha events before or afterwards. All of these presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the PechaKucha Presentation Player where they can be viewed on line:


Each presentation will have a donation button where people can leave a donation, their name and a message. The idea is that the presenters can send a link to their presentation to friends and colleagues and encourage donations - rather like a sponsored walk. Some really amazing and well known presenters are stepping forward to make 20x20 presentations, so be prepared to be surprised - and be prepared to donate :-)

All the funds raised go directly to Architecture for Humanity's 501(c) Non-Profit organization in the US without passing through PechaKucha. One hundred percent of the money raised will be used for building facilities in Haiti - PechaKucha will not take anything. Normally at AFH, 88% of the money is spent on design and construction services, the remaining 12% going to fundraising, outreach and administrative costs. But since AFH have already covered the design costs regarding Haiti, all the funds raised by this event will be spent on reconstruction:


PechaKucha is not taking any money from donations but is looking for help underwriting our costs. Please get in touch if you would like your company to be involved supporting us.


The first presentation we have put online is a collaboration between Brian LeBarton and Francesco Valentino. They have never met, but were brought together by the terrible tragedy in Haiti to create a moving presentation. Brian LeBarton is a composer and keyboardist for Beck, and we had been chatting to him about musicians performing over 20 images 20 slides for PechaKucha presentations. Francesco Valentino is a film maker and photographer we met through a chance meeting in Tokyo. Only a few days ago, when we had the PechaKucha for Haiti idea, Brian stepped forward and offered to compose and play something for us. At the same time, we bumped into someone who said Francesco was in Haiti trying to find his family and had been taking some moving shots as events unfolded. Sadly, he didn't find all of those he was looking for alive. View the presentation here. Put your headphones on and go FULL SCREEN:


The three R's after any disaster are: Response, Recovery & Rebuild. Response is the first few days, as rescue workers try their best and aid begins arriving. Recovery is the next few weeks, as aid gets out into the field, roads get cleared, water and electricity is restored, sewers are fixed and temporary accommodation built. But the biggest challenge is the long rebuild which can take months and years, and usually takes place when the world's attention has moved on.

This is where we hope PechaKucha for Haiti's support for Architecture for Humanity reconstruction work will be different. The PechaKucha network holds monthly events all over the world - we averaged 60 events a month last year. AFH will make quick 20x20 updates each month to show at PKN events and post online, making clear the progress being made and creating a strong feedback loop.


As we go around the world from city to city, we are hoping that many experts and people with ideas and experience relevant to the issues in Haiti will come forward and make presentations. We hope to start a database of ideas, information, and experiences related to recovery and reconstruction, recorded in the PechaKucha 20x20 format, that can form a 'go to' resource for those involved in similar disasters and relief work in the future. The ultimate goal is to raise public awareness about what needs to be done (and what has been done in the past) in the event of a disaster.

But there will also be fun and unrelated presentations too; in other words, a good mixture of ideas and personalities. As at any PechaKucha Night, we want people to be blown away by the creativity present in their own city. Add to that a sprinkling of local, national and internationals stars!


As well as presentations made on or around the 20th, we hope many 20x20 presentations will be made in Haiti about what is going well and been successful, as well as about what went wrong and should not be repeated! All you need for a PechaKucha presentation is 20 digital photographs and a voice over - much easier than trying to make a video or film about an issue. Over time, we hope these 20x20 presentations will form a 'go to' database of concise and useful information.


Amazing things are happening at a faster and faster pace. We were contacted by Studio Number One a few days ago with an offer we couldn’t refuse: ”We would like to design your logo for PechaKucha for Haiti.” Studio Number One is one of the hottest — if not THE hottest — creative firms in the world right now, and as you may know the studio’s founder, Shepard Fairey of OBEY GIANT fame! So one Skype call, three email sessions, and 48 hours later, we have one amazing logo!



Find a location and join the conversation on the 20th. The city locator map and search function is here:

If you cannot see an event listed in your town, use the contact form to send a message to your city organizer. Many events are being worked out as we type but are not 100% confirmed or are not listed yet.


Some cities have already events planned before or after the 20th that cannot be moved. Some cities are having problems finding locations, but we hope these cities will still link up for a short "hello!" as the PechaKucha WAVE goes around the world. They might hold a small party while watching the live stream and getting ready for their few minutes of fame on the WAVE! Please support them, and perhaps help them find locations - these events might turn into mini or even full blown PechaKucha's. You have two weeks left. That is plenty of time. We have gotten this far in two weeks - organizing an event should be easy :-)


As we go around the world we are very keen to find presenters with experience and ideas that relate to the many issues facing Haiti. Help us find people in your city with expertise and experience that might help the reconstruction efforts.

In New York Zach Lieberman and the Free Art and Technology (FAT) unit will present their brilliant EyeWriter project. This may find use in Haiti as we begin to understand the number of amputations and crush injuries that have left people are unable to write with their hands. http://www.eyewriter.org/

In Stockholm, 28-year-old Brazilian architect Filipe Balestre, having worked with Rem Koolhaas but now living in Sweden, is deeply involved in social projects will be presenting about participatory architecture in Rio de Janeiro and India.

You get the idea! With over 2000 presentations being made and recorded on or around the 20th we are going to have one amazing database of information to refer to and build on!


Please feel free to send this newsletter to all press and media friend, local and national press and TV companies. Please blog and mention the project on your web sites. All the presentation mentioned above are embeddable using the '< >' tag on the bottom menu.

Press inquiries should be send to
Jean Snow
Global PechaKucha Day for Haiti


We will be using all the social media tools we can lay our hand on to get the message out.

Twitter - pechakucha

Facebook Fan Page - pechakucha

Tumblr blog



As of today, Monday 8th February over 80 cities have agreed to run events and link up on the PechaKucha WAVE - 50 other cities are having events in February. Making a combined total of 130 cities - well on our way to our target of 200 cities!

So get in touch with your city organizer - see if they need any help. If people are having trouble finding spaces let us know as we have many networks we can plug into.
If people are finding it tough to find spaces in the evening, daytime events are perfectly OK too!


This event could have only happened because of people like YOU who have helped make the PechaKucha network, this is YOUR event and you are going to be a part of something epoch making - please consider carefully what you can do on the 20th February. When we replied to someone that so far their city was not planning to do an event on the 20th, we were almost confronted by a mutiny of people who wanted to take matters in their own hands. Help make sure your city catches the WAVE. Make sure your city helps Haiti.

We have a major BBC interview tomorrow - so it is rapidly becoming a global news story. Please try and be a part of it.

Remember positivity breeds positivity - and to steal a phrase: impossible is nothing.

For helping get this far so quickly huge respect goes out to the Global PechaKucha Day team here at Klein Dytham architecture thanks Tomoko, Jean and Emi, Cameron Sinclair & everyone at Architecture for Humanity, Mike and Marc and everyone at UltraSuperNew our web partner, everyone at Studio Number One, Jan Chipchase, Todd Porter and Patrick Newell, Atsushi Imuta, Andrew Barrie, Peter Exley and Thorsten Bösch, everyone at Rackspace & uStream, Ewa Kumlin, Gen Kanai, Brett Stilwell, Paul Jamtgaard, Mike Kubeck and everyone at SuperDeluxe, Mike Frank & David Duval-Smith, Brian LeBarton & Francesco Valentino, Minoru Yokoo & Clark Boyd.

We also want to thank everyone that we have called, bugged and pushed for ALWAYS saying yes! Your generosity and creativity has been humbling.

And last but not least we want to thank all the city organizers who have jumped on board so quickly and have been so supportive. Two weeks ago this was just a crazy conversation - so if we have got so far this quickly, just think how far we can go in the next two weeks.

Haiti needs your support!

Mark & Astrid

PechaKucha Founders, Tokyo

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