DATE: April 2010 - April 2011
COLLECTIVE: Peta Glenn, Michelle Emma James, Remen Hambly, Ammon Beyerle, Daniel Griffin

Confirmed funding of $3500 through RMIT Union Arts Grant

Project Description

UVM Arts is a new mash-up collective of investigators, instigators, makers. Its interests span the gamut of fine arts, visual media, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, graffiti art and horticulture. The collective’s interdisciplinary collaborations playfully challenge the urban cultural fabric of Melbourne: its social and commercial practices; relationships between individual, civic, and environmental well-being; and cultural dialogue between public and private spaces.

Through our successful RMIT Union [Arts] funding application, UVM Arts is planning a series of studios and staggered installations in and around public spaces in Melbourne City – designed to be within walking distance of each other. Artists are invited to submit proposals responding to one of two topics:

1. ‘Art’ in Public Space: Personal Interactions on a Micro-scale
Artists are asked to respond with an artwork/installation that encourages one-on-one interaction with each passing public audience member that it engages.

2. ‘Art’ in Public Space: The Power of the Crowd
Artists are asked to respond to, address, or harness the mob mentality of Melbourne city crowds. Artwork and installations designed to prompt people to question the unnoticed power of the crowd, perhaps to interrupt the minds of people subconsciously moving together.

Students are encouraged to apply. Artists are chosen by submission (a simple paragraph detailing how you would respond to the topic, the proposed location of your work, and examples of previous work). 20 artists are accepted. Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Artwork/installations may use any medium and dimension, as long as they are walking distance from the GPO Bourke Street,and installed in an area that is considered ‘public space’. Work to be installed by the artist for topic 1 by Sep 15th, for topic 2 by Sep 29th.

Artists successful in their submission will:
-Attend a studio featuring artists speaking about Art in Public Spaces, followed by a picnic lunch
-Be encouraged to work together in small groups to workshop ideas, and eventually install their work
-Feature on the UVM Arts website and advertising material
-Have their work catalogued in an end-of-series publication