DATE & LOCATION: Saturday 7th August 2010, 2a Como Ave Toorak
CURATORS: Theresa Harrison, Tai Snaith, Vexta
UVM TEAM (so far): Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete, Peta Glenn, Andrew Reynolds, Ammon Beyerle, Sonya Parton, Caitlyn Parry, Andrew Beyerle, Michelle Emma James

'An art installation in an undisclosed location.'
A house in Toorak, slated for demolition was 'invaded' by a set of Melbourne artists, including members of Urban Village Melbourne.

"Rendezvous in Wrongtown is the perfect excuse to indulge in the wrong side of art on the wrong side of town. For one day only, Saturday August 7, 2010
twenty five of Melbourne's most provocative and creative space invaders will be moving into an empty house at a secret location and making it their own.

In order to visit Wrongtown, you will need to get off the number 8 tram (heading south from the city) at stop number 32. In nearby 'Rockley Gardens' you will see a flower stall. It is here that you must wait for directions at 2pm sharp.

All late-comers can ask directions from Tina at the flower stand."

The Agents, Tom Civil, Hotham Street Ladies, Andy Hutson, Ash Keating, Bonnie Lane, Jonathan Leahy and Vexta, Matt Morrow, Simon Pericich, Kiron Robinson, Robbie Rowlands, Neale Stratford, Hiroyasu 'TWOONE' Tsuri, Urban Village Melbourne, Danae Valenza

Art Nation 27th August:
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Photos by Caitlyn Parry:
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Photos by Tanja Milbourne:
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