LAUNCH DATE 14 July 2010
WORKING SESSIONS: Saturdays May-July 2010, The Hive / Kindness House, Fitzroy
PROJECT LEADER: Beyond Zero Emissions
UVM VOLUNTEERS: Glenn Todd (+Bindarri), Ammon Beyerle

Graphic design assistance for the production of the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan. 16 Page synopsis release 20 June, 2010:

"What is Zero Carbon Australia 2020 (ZCA)?

Zero Carbon Australia 2020 (ZCA) is an exciting initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions and the Climate Emergency Network, (CEN) with generous support from Climate Positive.

It is a project to develop a blueprint for the transition to a decarbonised Australian economy by 2020.

The Project draws on the enormous wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the community to develop a blueprint for transitioning Australia to a zero carbon future. Individuals with expertise, knowledge and experience in relevant areas can work within a structured process to contribute to the transition plan."


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Beyond Zero Emissions visits parliament 22 June 2010
Finished Report now printing 6 July 2010
See Beyond Zero Emissions website for media releases and updates
Come to the launch 6-8pm, 14 July 2010, at Melbourne University!