DATE & LOCATION: March - June 2010 (Planning), August - November 2010 (Activity), November 2010 - March 2011 (Reflection)
PARTNERS: City of Melbourne, St Paul's Cathedral, Anglicare Centre, Eureka Community Development Services, Richard Falkinger
PROJECT COORDINATORS: Ammon Beyerle, Michelle Emma James
UVM TEAM (at 16/9/2010): Remen Hambly, Andrew Reynolds, Peta Glenn, Jesse Mullins, Anga'aefonu Bain-Vete, Nynke Feenstra, Lyle Talbot, Adeo Esplago, Michael O'Hanlon, Glenn Todd, Rachel Taylor, Caitlyn Parry, Nirvana, Ronnie, Tim Derham

Reception of $5000 through City of Melbourne Community Services Grant - Safety

Project Description
"Encouragement and Research for the community of Chapter House Lane"

The project will work with the various communities of Chapter House Lane to get to know each other, learn new skills and develop an ambitious, shared vision and culture of the area – in the process of activating the precinct and improving community safety.

The goal is to foster participation between three groups:
- Homeless (visiting Anglicare Outreach under the Chapter House)
- Indigenous (visiting the Swanston St side of the Cathedral)
- Church congregation and staff (visiting and working in the Cathedral)

We are planning facilitated workshops, as well as inclusive design and participation in an event: a shared lunch in Chapter House Lane.

We ran a design studio with The University of Melbourne, out of the Crypt below Chapter House Lane.

We hope to develop trust through participation in the space.

002 Cathedral Place
Close Over(p)lay: St Paul's Cathedral Studio - The University of Melbourne 2010
Close Over(p)lay: St Paul's Cathedral Studio - The University of Melbourne 2011
Here Studio_012 St Pauls Cathedral

(16//9/2010) A few of us will be at the UVM warehouse this Saturday from 1100-1300
(8/9/2010) Thanks for the team lunch Lyle and Remen! Next lunch is planned for Saturday 18/9
(30/8/2010) Activity phase starting now, planned reconnect of UVM team in the next week.
(23/10/2010) Engagement training with Michael O'Hanlon at the UVM warehouse
(16/11/2010) Grant acquittal time extension granted by City of Melbourne
(22/11/2010) University of Melbourne studio: Close Over(p)lay exhibition opening and awards ceremony
(23/11/2010) Exhibition of student designs for Cathedral Place, in St Paul's Cathedral, North Transept till 30/11/2010
(22/12/2011) Christmas BBQ with Anglicare and Cathedral
(31/3/2011) Review meeting with City of Melbourne
(15/4/2011) Acquittal submitted to City of Melbourne
(1/6/2011) Planned commencement of planning Close Over(p)lay studio version 2.
(26/10/2011) For further updates please see Here Studio_012 St Pauls Cathedral

Please let us know if you would like to get involved!

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 Project timeline 1/2   31/3/11 
 Project timeline 2/2   31/3/11