DATE & LOCATION: Nichols family property, Tankerton Road, French Island (VIC)
CLIENT: Community Development Group of Victoria Inc
PROJECT LEADERS: Richard Bruch & Danny Griffin
FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Bruch, Danny Griffin, Dylan Nichols

Project Summary
French Island is the only locality in Victoria without governance by a local council. Planning control for French Island rests with the State Minister for Planning, and the DPCD. French Island is only accessable by ferry or barge, has no sealed roads, and no mains water, electricity, gas, or sewerage.

The CDGV proposes to develop and operate a self-sufficient Eco-Retreat, including small hobby farm, out of a 395 acre property on the island. The property is located in the South-Central area of French Island, and is surrounded to the Northern and Western extents by the French Island National Park.

Much of the property is vegetated by heathy woodland, wet heathland, riparian scrub mosaic, and riparian scrub complex. The South-Western corner of the property is distinctive as a low-lying and cleared area of approximately 38 acres.

Carrying out landscape assessment, contextual research, and development of a landscape management plan for the 'French Island Eco-Retreat'.

Outcomes to Date
- On-site assessment and classification of landscape units
- Research into: hydrological and geological attributes of site; ecological significance of site in supporting at risk, migratory, and endemic species; fire risk and historic fire activity; capacity of site to support grazing, agriculture, and permaculture activities; capacity of site to support human occupation; planning and administrative conditions.
- Production of future landscape management plan